New Holiday Hours/End of Magic the Gathering

Hey, everyone! We’ve got some holiday updates to share. October is almost over which brings us ever closer to a barrage of holidays. Starting Monday, 10/24, we are introducing our new holiday hours. They’re basically the same EXCEPT we will now be open on Monday from 11 AM – 6 PM. That’s right! You’ll now […]

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Shadows Over Innistrad Pre-Release Event
MTG: Shadows over Innistrad

“On the plane of Innistrad, humanity is beset on all sides. Horrors stalk in the shadows.¬†Terrors scratch at doors in the night. Only grim determination and staunch faith in their guardian archangel, Avacyn, keep them alive in this nightmarish realm.¬†But odd things are afoot: the forces that had protected them have been twisted into something […]

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Oath of the Gatewatch PreRelease Events

Hi gang, There’s just one more week until the Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease events! This time we have 3 sealed events, one starting at midnight, just after Friday Night Magic, as well as a Saturday afternoon 5PM and Sunday afternoon 2PM 2 Headed Giant events. The cost is $30 for each event and you […]

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